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[AVING] Angelswing Introduces Construction and Safety Management Platform at Singapore's 'SWITCH 2023' - "Preventing Safety Accidents through Drone Virtualization-Based Digital Twin Technology"

Visitors at SWITCH 2023 are examining Angelswing’s solution. | Photo by Angelswing.Visitors at SWITCH 2023 are examining Angelswing’s solution. | Photo by Angelswing. 

Angelswing (CEO Won Nyoung (Peter) Park) announced its participation at ‘SWITCH (Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology) 2023,’ held in Singapore from October 31 to November 2.

Angelswing, a con-tech startup, provides a platform solution for construction management and surveying in virtual environments using drone virtualization-based digital twin technology. This innovation enhances productivity on-site and prevents safety accidents through equipment safety simulations. According to the company, it’s utilized by 75% of the top 20 construction companies, including Samsung C&T, GS E&C, and Hyundai E&C, deployed and utilized across more than 230 domestic and international sites, with over ten implemented overseas, including Indonesia, Singapore, and Bangladesh. Under the vision of a ‘Real-time updating map for the entire planet,’ Angelswing is expanding its horizon to intelligent monitoring solutions for facilities and safety management beyond construction sites, encompassing entire urban settings.

At this exhibition, Angelswing presented its ‘Construction Management Platform’ and ‘Safety Management Platform,’ based on drone virtualization technology, elevating on-site productivity through construction management, surveying, and preventing safety accidents through equipment safety simulations in a virtual setting.

The ‘Construction Management Platform’ ’s key feature redefines the construction management paradigm beyond observation to measurement. It seamlessly depicts changes over time from the site’s past to the present through virtualization on the web. Additionally, the company’s representative explains that accurate measurements can be performed quickly, easily, and safely online without physically visiting the site.

Image by Angelswing
Moreover, the platform maximizes the value of drone data by automatically processing and analyzing it, converting it into valuable spatial information accessible to anyone. It provides customized solutions for construction sites through compatibility with existing CAD software.

The ‘Angelswing Safety Management Platform,’ based on digital twin technology, allows effective safety management through simulations of equipment and visual work plans, enabling recording, communication, and prevention of incidents. It aims for sustainable safety management where stakeholders, including clients, construction companies, and on-site personnel, quickly participate in, empathize with, and communicate safety measures.

Angelswing stated, “Our solution possesses high accuracy in automated detection AI and measurement results, offering a smooth user experience. By automating all processes of drone data processing and analysis based on cloud environment, AI, and computer vision technologies, uploaded data gets processed and adjusted automatically just by uploading photos to the platform.” They pride themselves on the industry-leading level of automatic data adjustment based on measurement points.

Image by Angelswing

They highlighted their development of CAD compatibility technology to ensure accuracy in drone measurement results, supporting DWG files and other competitive advantages. They differentiated their product through simulation for future planning and showcased distinctive technologies such as real-time mapping. The module allows on-site safety management through simulations of equipment and hypothetical plans in virtual spaces.

Moreover, they emphasized the integration of drone stations enabling on-demand safety management and structural inspection beyond mapping, using a 360-degree camera for indoor mapping solutions.

SWITCH 2023, now in its 8th year, is Asia’s most prominent global startup exhibition where promising startups and buyers worldwide participate. The event, organized by Enterprise Singapore, a public agency under the Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry, witnessed the presence of over 350 startups from more than 100 countries and attracted more than 15,000 visitors this year. It featured diverse programs like conferences, startup showcases, pitching competitions (Slingshot), and roundtable discussions, marking its largest-scale event in history.

The Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development (KISED) set up the K-STARTUP Pavilion, showcasing technology from promising domestic startups to buyers and investors. The participating startups engaged in various programs during the exhibition period, including booth operations and investor meetings. Among the Korean startups in attendance were LabSD, Coconut Silo, Movements, Monolabs, UpTempo Global, Angelswing, Wave Lifestyle Tech, NinetwoLabs, Treasurer, and Mindlogic.

Angelswing booth at the SWITCH 2023 | Photo by Angelswing

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