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[AVING] HHS introduces a 'Biometric Signal-based Smart Safety Management System' at WIS 2024. Enabling Swift Post-incident Response and Proactive Measures

Biometric Signal-based Smart Safety Management System | Image by HHSBiometric Signal-based Smart Safety Management System | Image by HHS 

HHS (CEO Han Hyung-seop) announced its participation in the '2024 World IT Show (WIS 2024)', which will be held at COEX in Seoul from April 17th (Wednesday) to 19th (Friday).

HHS aims to realize the value of the 'Human Health & Happiness System' by contributing to enriching life through building big data based on biometric signals. The company plans to continuously develop innovative technologies and systems to improve individuals' healthy and happy lives.

In particular, HHS possesses various biometric signal analysis and hardware and software technologies. It also has its own data center to enhance its proprietary value. HHS has received CES Innovation Awards in 2021, 2022, and 2024 and has signed an MOU with Japan's EFG.

At this exhibition, HHS will introduce the 'Biometric Signal-based Smart Safety Management System.' According to company officials, this system enables swift post-incident response and proactive measures by measuring real-time biometric signals (brain waves + gyro). Additionally, its ultra-small wearable dry EEG device boasts convenient usability and high portability, allowing real-time location tracking based on smart device-based location information. It can also measure the oxygen concentration of individual workers.

Biometric Signal-based Smart Safety Management System | Image by HHS
HHS stated, "The forms of disasters and accidents are becoming increasingly large-scale and complex, resulting in significant social and economic losses. As of 2016, the level of disaster safety technology is only 73.5% compared to advanced countries, and the related industrial infrastructure is also vulnerable." They continued, "The development of technology that enables real-time brainwave data confirmation for on-site workers and real-time monitoring of physical condition through brainwave signal processing modules is necessary. This is why we have introduced related solutions."

They added, "By using high-performance engineering plastics of various materials to provide comfortable wearability, and by producing ultra-small wearable EEG measurement devices and devices with various designs, we will not only grow as a smart healthcare company that can care for family health in daily life but also as a company specializing in industrial safety."

Under the theme of 'Innovation and Connection, All Possibilities of the Digital World, World IT Show,' WIS 2024 will showcase the latest technologies and products in the fields of ICT Convergence, Digital Twin & Metaverse, Smart Living and Healthcare, Robotics, Intelligent Mobility, Blockchain and Security, Quantum Information Technology, and more.

SHIN SOOYEON Reporter sooyeon@aving.net

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