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: 관리자 : Thu, 1 February, 12:00 AM

[AJU PRESS] Dual-armed robot 'ARMstrong' to carry out dangerous tasks at construction sites

Courtesy of the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute[Courtesy of the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute] 

SEOUL -- South Korea's state nuclear research center has transferred technology for "Accident Response Manipulator," a tracked robot with two arms, to a domestic smart construction solution provider called IT-1. The robot that can move heavy objects and turn off a valve will be used to help human workers at high-risk construction sites.

Accident Response Manipulator (ARMstrong) was originally developed to handle hazardous tasks at nuclear plants. The smart robot can carry heavy debris of up to 200 kilograms (440 pounds) such as a fuel drum or concrete blocks and put out a fire using spray guns. It also plugs in an electrical cord and moves freely around on rough terrain.

The Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) said in a statement that the technology for ARMstrong has been transferred to IT-1. The research institute mentioned the dual-armed robot will be utilized in other construction sites beyond nuclear plants. "This is the first time that robot technology developed for nuclear safety is being adopted in the civilian construction sector," said KAERI head Joo Han-gyu. The research institute added that it would continue to expand technology for different industrial sectors.  

In 2020, KAERI established an unmanned disaster control system with robots and drones that can monitor radioactivity in real time and prevent additional radiation leakage at nuclear power plants. ARMstrong was integrated into the system along with other mobile solutions to manage such disasters.
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