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: 관리자 : Wed, 10 April, 12:00 AM

[MAEIL BUSINESS NEWSPAPER] 'Blue Cone Speed' co-developed with Hyundai Engineering & Construction Stabilize quality by expressing early intensity in all seasons Shortening the construction period and reducing costs in winter
On-site installation of "Blue Cone Speed" developed by Sampyo Industrial Co., Ltd.
The installation of the "Blue Cone Speed" site developed by Sampyo Industrial Co.

BLUECON SPEED, a steel concrete developed by Sampyo Group (Chairman Jeong Do-won), has acquired a new technology for disaster safety for the first time in the industry. Demand is expected to expand in the future as it can increase the safety of buildings and shorten the air while preventing safety accidents at construction sites.

Sampyo Industrial Co., a subsidiary of Sampyo Group, announced on the 10th that "Blue Cone Speed," a steel concrete developed jointly with Hyundai Engineering & Construction, has been designated as a new disaster safety technology. This is the first time that concrete technology has been designated as a new disaster safety technology. The Ministry of Public Administration and Security's new disaster safety technology is designated only for excellent technologies among those developed for the first time in Korea or that have innovatively improved and improved existing technologies.

The Blue Cone Speed, developed by Sampyo Industrial, is a product released to solve the difficulties of construction sites not only in winter but also in all seasons. In particular, if this product, which has increased initial compressive strength in winter and spring and autumn, is applied to the site, it can solve the problem of lack of strength of concrete, which is pointed out as the cause of collapse.

When applied to construction sites with atmospheric or curing temperatures of 5°C, the maximum performance of the blue cone speed can achieve a compressive strength of 5 megapascals (MPa) or more within 24 hours. 1MPa is the strength that can withstand a load of 10kg per ㎠ of concrete. As it is a product capable of expressing early strength, it is possible to secure stable concrete quality.

Since strength can be secured early compared to general concrete, air can also be shortened. Usually, it takes about eight to nine days to complete the frame work on one floor of an apartment building in winter. Blue cone speed can reduce the time required by more than one to two days because intensity expression appears quickly.

In addition, it can reduce the risk of accidents in the curing process of burning lignite in winter or using a hot air fan to harden concrete, as well as reduce the cost of maintaining concrete temperature by shortening the curing period.

Sampyo Industrial is leading the development of customized concrete that reflects the needs of customers with safety and quality as the top priority. As a result, the company is steadily introducing special concrete to the market, including blue cone speed, "blue cone winter" that does not freeze even at minus 10 degrees Celsius, and "blue cone floor" that solves frequent crack problems.

"The product power has once again been recognized by BlueCon Speed's designation of a new disaster safety technology," a Sampyo industry official said. "We will lead the high-quality special concrete market differentiated from existing concrete through continuous research and development." 

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