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: 관리자 : Tue, 8 September 2020, 5:17 PM

[Pulse] Doosan Infracore links up with Unity to apply game simulator in tractor prototyping

[Photo provided by Doosan Infracore Co.] 

[Photo provided by Doosan Infracore Co.] 

Doosan Infracore Co., the heavy equipment maker under South Korea’s Doosan Group, has joined hands with 3D-based global game engine developer Unity Technologies Korea to apply game simulating solutions to test out heavy equipment vehicles and machines before prototypes are made.

Doosan Infracore said on Thursday that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Unity Technologies Korea on mutual partnership to develop a construction process simulator. It is the first time for a local construction equipment manufacturer to collborate with a game engine developer.

Unity Technologies is a global game engine developer that created real-time 3D development platform widely used across the world. Game engine is basic software that helps developers create graphic screen as in real life. The company’s game engine, in particular, has been installed and being used more than 37 billion times globally last year.

Its game engine is also used in augmented and virtual reality technologies and can be applied to various industry sectors such as shipbuilding, logistics, and construction.

Under the MoU, Doosan Infracore and Unity Technologies will promote mutual partnership to develop a simulator that realizes virtual construction process. Doosan Infracore will be provided with game engine and technology know how from Unity to design simulator architecture and develop key functions. 

The simulator will apply so-called digital twin technology that shifts physical elements of a construction site attended by various construction equipment such as excavators to a virtual environment. Doosan Infracore plans to develop the simulator so that it allows more delicate and rapid work on construction sites by understanding in advance possible safety accidents and planned errors. The simulator will also help enhance operation management efficiency.

The two companies, meanwhile, decided to add additional functions such as cloud computing and simulator editor after simulator development to continue to enhance virtual verification technology. The two companies will also establish a business model by carrying out mutual partnership from marketing perspective.

Lee Dong-wook, vice president at Doosan Infracore, said that the simulator co-developed with Unity Technologies is one of the key technologies to realize Concept-X, its future concept for construction site solution. They will actively promote open innovation between the two industries, create value in infra-solution sector and lead paradigm shift.

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